Laptop Science Technology is a three-year program that prepares college students to work as entry-level software developers in small, medium or large enterprises. 4 Mitchell Zimmerman, Your DMCA Protected Harbor Questions Answered, Fenwick & West, (2017), – , (The four secure harbors cowl claims arising from the OSP having: (1) Hosted, stored and made infringing matter accessible if it was stored at the route of customers (the Storage Safe Harbor, § 512(c)); (2) Transmitted, routed or supplied connections (for example, phone strains) for digital on-line connections for infringing material transmitted by customers (the Transmission Protected Harbor, § 512(a)); (three) Cached infringing material on a system or network, when the material was initially made obtainable by someone else (the Caching Protected Harbor, § 512(b)); or (four) Offered hyperlinks or referred customers to online places containing infringing matter or exercise (the Search Engine or Data Location Tools Secure Harbor, § 512(d))”).